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Our Solution



Dysfunction of the SCHEUTEN SOLAR module

Some failure have been detected on the junction box of the Solexus brandcausing overheating.

This fault is due to a wrong connexion located at the connector of the positif pole, creating an electric arc, therefore deteriorating the junction box.

Experts consider this junction box failing and identify a potential risk for the end users of this brand.

This risk is even higher for the installation fully integrated (on the roof).

Moreover, several installations are concerned and some had caused the shut down of their electrical production for safety reason


Solution Development

Based on its competencies in the study of the solar panel, VITAL SOLUTION has developed an efficient solution for the junction box SOLEXUS used in the SCHEUTEN modules, with the following step:

  • In order to avoid the failing connexion of the former SOLEXUS modules and the proposed way of welding directly the poles, a cage clamp has been chosen
  • The width path of the electronic card has been wrongly dimensioned in order to transmit properly the electric current.
  • In order to support the current on the electonic card surface, VITAL SOLUTION has chosen a PCB FR4 card with a copper thickness of 70 µm instead of 35 µm.
  • The electronic components have been optimized to reduce the overheating of 50° C.

The pictures from a thermal camera shows the disappearance of the overheated zone and also that the temperature is homogenous in an extreme usage condition.

Tested Solution

The solution, validated by the engineering team of VITAL SOLUTION, is tested in extreme conditions (Temperature, impact, humidity and pressure…), which will allow VITAL SOLUTION to provide a quality commitment towards its customers.


thermic comparison

Hot spot test on module with original SOLEXUS card and module SYNAIRGIE +

Module SOLEXUS originale with diode Schottky

Localized rise in temperature of nearly 150 ° at the diode and pole +

Test Report No. 20130812 Laboratory CERTISOLIS

Module SYNAIRGIE + with Smart diode TI

Homogeneous temperature of 60 ° at the module and diodes

Hot spot test on module with original carte SOLEXUS and carte SYNAIRGIE

The solution proposed by SYNAIRGIE + is based on the creation of a new card. The latter provides firstly a thermal homogeneity in the card and second, a very significant gain in thermal extreme uses conditions.

The steps to install the new module

  • Download the installation steps : ici HERE



For more information

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